Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Belt Drive Garage Door Opener Reviews

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garage door openerGarage door openers are most simple technology expected to last for long time. Your mechanism might still be working but there are several reasons that you should consider to replace your current garage door opener.  Let’s see what latest models have to offer in terms of safety, mechanism and convenience that can compel you replace the old one:

Automatic Safety Reversal Mechanism

These door openers are there since 1993 coupled with safety reversing technology. This mechanism uses two sensors of nearly six inches above the ground level installed on both sides of the door. In case any object comes between the sensors while the door is not opened, the door reverses.  If your old door opener lacks this safety measure, replace it with the latest one.

Noise Control

The traditional opener opens and closes with the help of a chain drive. Now it’s time to consider using the latest wifi garage door openers having a belt drive door opener. It would be much quieter than the traditional ones.

Security System

Older garage openers are not that secure as their remote control works with a fixed code, which can be easily traced on constant monitoring. Anyone can find the code by watching you opening it and can open your garage. Latest garage openers are packed with a “rolling code” feature, which uses new code each time it’s opened. It’s safer and secure.

No Keys Required

In older garage openers there is no option of keypads that could be installed outside the garage. Such feature allows you to punch the desired code into the keypad required to open the garage door. It does not require any key. But in current scenario, you may need to have a keypad installed in your current garage door opener mechanism. For that you need to replace your older garage mechanism and get the new one. Often the newer keypad units can also ward off the requirement to remember any code. Such technology often works by touching or using fingerprint detection mechanism to open the door.

Battery Backup

The biggest inconvenience of a power cut is the inability to use the garage door opener. The new garage door openers have now come up with the option of offering battery backup systems too that will automatically work when there is a black out still you would be able to operate your garage!


Did you see how the benefits of wifi garage door openers can spoil you for choice replacing your old garage door opener with new ones? So, now act fast and get the best garage door opener 2016 for yourself.

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Destroy your confidential documents without hassles

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document destructionAre you worried about your confidential documents falling in the wrong hands? It has become a real risk nowadays. The person getting the confidential documents can know some confidential information about you and may use it against you. So, it is best to destroy any such documents containing sensitive information after using them. The best way to destroy personal documents is by shredding. In this way, neither the environment is polluted, nor does the document remain usable. However, whom should you hire to do this? There are many Document destruction services in the market nowadays. You can hire one of them in order to destroy all your confidential documents easily and without worries.

Why else should you destroy confidential documents?

Confidential documents often contain sensitive information which can be exploited by your enemies and competitors. So, it is best to get rid of these documents after you have read it.

In corporate environments, this kind of situations can even create a risk of a security breach and leak of confidential data, which can prove to be catastrophic and can result a huge loss of capital. Prevention is better than cure, so it is advised that you destroy the confidential documents before they fall into wrong hands.

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The supreme goods transporter in London

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Are you in search of man and van services in London? Then Transport Executive is the place you must be visiting. They are well-known transporters in London and also the UK, besides being known for providing the best transporting services at reasonable prices.

Transport Executive has a fleet of vehicles, which are of various sizes, to offer you a simple and happy moving experience. Irrespective of your requirements, they can alter or make any kind of service that suits you the best, whether you are shifting a room or complete house or even planning to relocate your office. Transport Executive supply you with all the essentials materials such as tape, boxes, bubble wrap and crates and also a whole packing and shifting service.

The head office of Transport Executive is situated in Caledonian Road. This is the most essential place for all processes and is executed in skilled manner. The legislative bodies of Transport Executive are courteous and are constantly available to help and direct you. They are always ready to answer all of your problems in a pleasing manner. The drivers of Transport Executive are all well-trained and CRB verified. They will also help you to move any of your items to anywhere you want them to.

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The best locksmiths in Melbourne!

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locksmithsFinding it difficult to look for a good locksmith? It has become difficult to secure our belongings now-a-days, as a lot of thefts are happening. Moreover, it is very difficult to rely on anyone for the best locking system. In such a situation, if you find a good and reliable locksmith then you can consider yourself to be very lucky. Here is one such company which provides a reliable and efficient locksmith services at a very reasonable price. They are the Luke’s Locks. They also have a mobile van service, providing you instant and friendly services in the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne suburbs.

Luke’s Locks provide all kinds of locksmith services for domestic properties, automobile, commercial properties and many more. All your commercial and domestic locks are installed by their best locksmiths. Just in case you have locked your keys inside your automobile, office, home or elsewhere, Luke’s Locks will help you by providing their best key cutting services. Luke’s Locksmith is very well known in providing excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction. Not to forget, Luke’s Locks is also known to provide fast and best 24 hour emergency locksmith services.

Luke’s Locks have their branches in the following of the places: Eltham Locksmith, Rosanna, Bundoora, South Morang, Greensborough and Diamond Creek. As mentioned earlier, Luke’s Locks provides various locksmith services like commercial, domestic and for automobiles.

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How experienced commercial power washing service can help you?

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power washing serviceKeeping your building exterior neat and clean will be a very crucial thing to do, and there are plenty of experienced commercial power washing service at which can help you to keep the exterior of your building beautiful and attractive all the time. The appearance of the exterior of your property will surely look good. Especially if you are a business owner, this is going to help you lot.

Taking care of minor things:

There are plenty of minor things which are needed to be taken care of. These services will look into all those small problems that you have in the building exterior and accordingly they will take the step to solve it. The small things like worn packing, stucco damage, rotting wood, chipping paint or dirty parking lot will be solved by these services quite efficiently. As the regular maintenance will be done about these small things the chances of bigger expenses in future will surely be reduced.

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How To Protect Your Security Sensors From Being Tripped By Rodent and Pests

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How To Protect Your Security Sensors From Being Tripped By Rodent and Pests

pestcontrYou’ve purchased your home security system so that you and your family could feel safe. Not knowing that a pest problem could end up making your security become a Hugh liability. You might be asking yourself how in the world a rodent problem can cause me more problems with my security system. Well having rodents like rats in your home can trip the sensors and cause the authorities to come out due to a false alarm. If you do have a current pest problem like mice, you want to have the security company place those motion sensors up in the corners of the room to decrease the occurrences’ of false alarms.

As far as taking care of your rodent problem, you can find some easy solutions to get rid of the pest and save you lots of money.

1)Take out your garbage
Believe it or not this is one of the ways rodent problem occur in the first place. Leaving the trash at the back door or on the porch invites those little critters to the thresh hold of your home to begin with. The trash should go from the kitchen trash can directly to the outdoor trash immediately. Place your outdoor Can at least 30 yards from your home if possible.

2)Set Out Door Traps To Reduce Rodents Coming Into Your Home
Outdoor critters like to travel along the walls of your property before them can enter opening within your home. A great solution to this is setting up those larger bait boxes that allow the rodent to enter but never exit, there by trapping them and allowing you to discard into the trash receptacle or release into field if desired.

3)Leaving Poisonous Bait In Your Home
This option might not be the best solution, due to the fact that you could end up exterminating the pests but in doing so create a new problem all together. If you are successful in terminating that mouse or rat but they end up dying in say an attic, crawl space or between the walls, you’re likely going to have an odor problem on your hands. No more rodent sensor tripping but terrible carcass smell does not sound like a good trade off in my opinion.

4)Installing An Electric Deterrent
These are the type of devices that you can plug in to a wall socket and which emits a frequency using the electrical current that the bugs and rodents don’t care for. Does it work? Some say yes and other say no.

5)Hiring a professional pest control company

Clearly not everyone considers themselves a do it yourself warrior and for this very reason calling a Quality Pest Control In Chicago IL maybe you best option. You simply let them know what type of pest problem your having and they can come out to do it all for you. This insures that you don’t end up making the problem worst and it’s taken care of the first time.

In conclusion no one wants a security problem or Rodent problem, so let the professional do their jobs and bring you the peace you so desire.

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