Architects in Melbourne bring life to your dreams

Architects An architect is a person who plans, oversees the construction of buildings, and designs. The word architect’ comes from the Greek word (arkhi – chief and Tekton – builder) i.e. chief builder. Architects in Melbourne is someone who provides services in connection with the design and construction of buildings.

What an architect does?

An architect helps you improve the appearance, functionality of the environment. It improves the efficiency of your lifestyle or business along with time and cost efficiencies. Working with an architect offers you the best chance to achieve your vision. Finding a skilled architect that suits you and your project is the key to success – from building a new home to developing a commercial space.

Origin of Architect

In ancient times, most architectural design and construction was made by artisans, rising to a role of master builder like carpenters, etc. In modern times, there is a clear difference between engineers and architects. Until 1400, paper was not used in drawing. Later with availability of paper, a pencil was used for drawing purposes. Later with the introduction of linear perspective and various innovations helped designers to communicate their ideas.

Architecture training.

An architect is a person having ability to work independently without any supervision. Since architecture, designs are related to public safety. Therefore an architect need license, registration to practice architecture. An architect must hold a proper degree certificate. In many places, you can see many independent, non-licensed individuals performing design services such as designing houses and other smaller structures.

Various Architectural roles

As you know an architecture plays different roles. Therefore, the various architectural roles are listed below-

  • Design role – The architect hired by a client is not only responsible for creating a design concept that meets the requirements of that client but also provides a facility suitable for the required use. This information, known as a brief, is essential for producing a project that meets all the expectations and needs of the owner. It guides the architect in creating the design concept.
  • Construction role – Architects puts projects to tender on behalf of their clients, reviews the progress of work during construction. An architect reviews contractor shop drawings and other submittals, issue site instructions, and provide construction contract Certificates for Payment to the contractor.

Specialization in the field of architecture

Since this is an era of specialization, therefore architects also choose to move into a particular domain like healthcare, public, retail, etc. Some architects specialize as sustainable design, technical writing, and historic preservation (US), or conservation (UK).

Many architects elect to move into real estate (property) development, which is an emerging sector and generates high revenue. Some of the other sectors include corporate facilities planning, project management, construction management, and interior design.

Architects of Melbourne

  • Georgian / Colonial era -: John Gill.
  • Victorian era -: William Pitt, J.J. Clark, William Wardell, Charles Webb and Joseph Reed

Like everywhere, there is no scarcity of highly skilled architects in Melbourne. These architects have expertise over all types to projects like residential, commercial, in the studio, etc. so do not hesitate and let us build a world for you.