Arlo pro VS Arlo pro 2 Home Security Cameras Comparison

Arlo pro 2 comparison


Now a day’s one of the most vital parts of our life is our security and how we opt to maintain that security. Because regardless of how secure your compound is and no matter how secure your surrounding is, you can never really take any chances when it comes to the wellbeing of your loved ones and your home. This is exactly why Netgear has provided us with the perfect security system to tend your safety needs and competently excels in fulfilling those sensitive requirements. As their slogan states that a connected home is a safe home, they deliver there promised security venture. With the Arlo pro and Arlo pro two there is no need for large installations and network setups and not only is it compact but requires minimal time and effort to install and set up and have the support of a strong app. They are wireless and very versatile devices which are waterproof and can adapt to many environments. The reason why Arlo is a class apart is that it can be connected to a highly rated phone app and you can keep your mind at ease where ever you are and view the camera points as you travel.

Arlo pro-security camera

The Arlo pro is a quality home monitoring system, it is wireless and comes with up to 5 cameras, and at your request, each system can have a total of up to 15 cameras. The Arlo pro integrates with the frees app that gives the user remote access from any mobile device to check live video feeds, capture recordings, set motion sensors and trigger a home siren. The Arlo pro also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant for voice command. But Arlo is an expensive security system.

The Arlo pro runs on batteries so they do not require a plugin and therefore it gives you more freedom to a potion or reposition the cameras where ever you see fit. It does not require any wiring so no drilling is required and you can pick them up and freely move them anywhere.

Because the Arlo pro is waterproof, they can be placed outdoors and completely regardless of whatever climate you may live in. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and can withstand even the harshest conditions with ease and durability. In regards to its quality or the level of that quality, well the Arlo pro has an HD 720p video with a 110- degree field of vision. And in addition to the field of vision and HD quality it has night vision, so your homes and other places are protected even when the lights are turned off, or the sun sets. This night vision is automatic and shifts to night vision as soon as the sun goes down giving you crisp and clear videos.

Arlo pro camera

Arlo cameras operate through motion and sound detection and then alert the premises. As soon as you receive the alert, you can open up the video and view it remotely. To add to this, the smart siren is a function that can be triggered remotely if any suspicious actions are seen on video. This is a high-frequency sound of up to a hundred decibels.

Highlighted features

  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant
  • 100% wireless
  • Doorbell notifications
  • Remote communication
  • Instant alerts
  • Night vision
  • Motion and sound sensors

Arlo pro 2

Arlo pro camera

The Arlo pro came out a year after the former Arlo pro and is expected to be an upgraded version that proves that it has overcome the limitations of the arlo start things off with its design. It is very simple by durable as a device. Aesthetically it is very smart and elegant. It has metallic lettering and has a white bevel around its front area.

It has a greater resolution than the Arlo pro too. It is making it clearer and better visuals at 1080p HD. Sure to give you an outclass footage on your screens. It is equipped with Geo-fencing technology that points out your location no matter where you are. For the Arlo pro 2, an interesting modification with the Arlo pro two is that it doesn’t only run on solar or batteries but also an AC adapter. This adapter is vital for its functions such as the continuous video functions with a time lag of 3 seconds and the zoom functions. Unlike the Arlo pro, the pro two gives you coverage by motion detecting and through video 24/7. You can also mark activity zones and zoom in the desired place.

The Arlo pro two also great night vision. So your properties will be protected and armed whether it’s day or night. Not even the sunset will dull its capabilities an extraordinary homeland security system. To add to make it perfect is the unique 2-way audio, where you press the simple on the app to take through the camera and when you want to listen in the camera, you just let that symbol go. The Arlo pro has eight infrared lenses to give a fairly clear and good picture. But an important thing to keep in mind is that as the sensors require photons, there should be addition lighting light street lamps in the background.

Arlo pro 2 comparison

A limitation for the seemingly amazing Arlo pro 2, being a chink in its armor is its battery life which is very low when compared to the arlo pro. The Arlo pro has a battery life of 6 months whereas the Arlo pro two only has a battery life of 3 months. But there isn’t much cause for discomfort as an AC adapter can power it, and it is necessary for all the upgraded functions, so the Arlo pro in its own right is still an incredible device.

Highlighted features

  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant
  • 100% wireless
  • 1080 HD quality
  • Flexible powering options
  • Weather resistant
  • AC power source


The Arlo pro and the Arlo pro two are both designed incredibly and have very sophisticated software’s and functions. They both have an edge when it comes to aesthetics, but we can only really compare both devices by comparing and pitting their specs against one another.

Starting with the Arlo pro, it has one of the most sensitive motion detection technology, and the smallest motions can trigger it. It works well with all home smart devices and systems including Samsung’s smart is lightweight and is highly portable but it has an incredible battery which lasts for about six months thus it needs to be replaced a fewer time in a year. The installation for the Arlo pro device is fairly easy and simple and ideal for every user. Not only is the design aesthetically pleasing but very functional and delivers. A disadvantage of the arlo pro is that it does not give audio and this can be a huge disadvantage. Another slight limitation of the Arlo pro is that it has a time lapse of more than 2 to 6 seconds and this result in missing the cause of the trigger. It does not have an AC adapter, and users cannot control the area that is being monitored by the device. Another disadvantage is that it can only record a video for up to 8 minutes and not continuously.

Now if we talk about the Arlo pro 2, it has a resolution of 1080 HD and gives the clearest images unlike the Arlo pro which has a resolution of 720p. Another huge improvement in the Arlo pro 2 is that it also can be connected to an AC power source and the AC power source gives a continuous and undisrupted power and also is necessary to avail its special features. The Arlo pro 2 provides or has a two way audio unlike the Arlo pro, and you can talk and listen to others and proves to great advantage for the users.  Another great improvement of the Arlo pro 2 is that its night vision is a bit clearer but more interesting is the continuous and nonstop video recording that has a lesser time lapse then the Arlo pro. Also with the Arlo pro two, you can set the activity zones to be informed by specific alerts. Though all in all the Arlo pro 2 is a great success in its own right, it has a lower battery life than the Arlo pro and needs to be replaced after three months or active working. It also is not compatible with Samsung’s smart system like smart things.

Buyers guide

Should you upgrade?

The Arlo cameras are an excellent option and have amazing cameras.

Where should you install the cameras and will they be plugged in?

It depends on whether there is a nearby outlet because then you will be able to use the CVR, 3-second look back and motion zones. Even with the extra cost the Arlo security camera device adds security at your convenience and reduced false alarms. Also to avail the full features you’ll need the AC plugin rather than operating it through the battery, and undoubtedly it will give you continuous monitoring and video.

What if you already own Arlo pro?

The Arlo pro 2 is compatible with both the first and second generation, and you can easily own Arlo pro, Arlo wireless, and Arlo pro-two-all in the same system making it convenient for you to keep the old device even if you choose to upgrade. You can easily purchase and Arlo pro and then add on the Arlo pro two cameras later.

Arlo pro FAQS

Are arlo cameras easy to install?

It doesn’t take a handyman or a technician to set up either cameras. Right after plugging in and charging the cameras fully you can place them where ever you see fit or so choose too, and you’ll get to monitor everything instantly. Also, you may need to use the whole wall mount which only requires one screw and has a magnet on the front which secures your camera. The only cause for caution is that you set up the camera near the power outlet.

What other mounts and skins are available?

The added outlets may increase your home security, and they do not have magnets but instead, are screwed in. Also there are skins available that help the camera devices to blend into the surrounding giving you full covert coverage of everything. These skins are sold by, but also they can be bought from a third party operating to be as to your specifications and affordable.

How to disarm the cameras?

There are three modes armed, disarmed and scheduled that help you instantly arm and disarm your choice of cameras. There are also custom modes for when you go on trips or are away for any particular reason. These modes are very helpful for example if your inside then you can disarm the inside cameras and arm the outside cameras to your desired points of alert.


The bottom line is that both the Arlo pro and Arlo pro two are outstanding security systems that are durable, adapt, lightweight, aesthetically beautiful and very easy to install and use. But even as it stands the Arlo pro comes with new features and rectifies the problems that existed in the arlo pro like passive infrared sensor and continuous video due to the AC adapter. This undoubtedly makes the Arlo pro two the better of the two if you had to choose. But apart from the specifications if you already have purchased an Arlo pro then the not to be worried because the differences are minimal and it doesn’t cost much to make the upgrade. Because the additional features in the Arlo pro 2 are a nifty catch and are a must to be upgraded to.

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