The Basement Watchdog Big Dog CONNECT Battery Backup Pump System

Basement Watchdog CONNECT Battery Backup Pump System

When you need to know that what is best for your basement, the Basement Watchdog Big Dog connect Computer Controlled AC/DC Battery Backup Pump System is the right framework for you. It will shield your basement from a power blackout, essential siphon or buoy disappointment and give additional siphoning limit when required. It can even assume control for your essential siphon conclusively when AC control is accessible. It will sound a discernable caution and give a visual cautioning on the control box by pinpointing required support or abnormalities with the battery, siphon, or power conditions. This whole system is a piece of the Basement Watchdog Connect® line for enabling it to speak with a Basement Watchdog CONNECT® Module. As you get associated with the Basement Watchdog WiFi module, the system will send content, email alert or notice through the Basement Watchdog App to send alarm of any inconsistencies.

Bird Eye-view of the Basement Watchdog Big Dog CONNECT

It merely pumps 2,200 GPH at 10 ft. lift and 3,500 GPH at 0 ft. lift. USB port takes into consideration association with a Basement Watchdog WiFi (BW-WiFi) or home computerization (BW-HZM) module that is enabling you to get continuous alarms while away from your home. Remote terminal allows the capacity to interface with a home security framework or any other gadget.

User-accommodating control board distinguishes abnormalities, sounds a caution, and pinpoints issues and arrangements. The product has access off the dual drift switch for a twofold insurance. It runs the siphon every week to guarantee it is working legitimately. It is ultra-compatible with support to upkeep free AGM batteries. It has been installed with the powerful 20 amp charger which charges the battery rapidly and closes off completely to extend battery life

Overview about important Features of The Basement Watchdog Big Dog CONNECT product

  • It protects your basement from flooding.
  • It automatically kicks off when your current sump siphon falls flat.
  • The sensor control blackouts, and breakdowns
  • It has exclusive Monitoring System and Weekly Self-Test
  • It has computer-controller screens which control conditions and battery level
  • Its indicator light shows remaining battery and quality.
  • It has the backup Sump Pump.
  • It just empties the sump pit in seconds after a glitch or blackout.
  • It pumps 3500 gallons-per-hour @ 0′ lift (or 2200 GPH @ 10′ lift).
  • It runs on 120-volt AC when control is on.
  • It merely switches to 12-volt DC battery control when AC control falls off.
  • It has a 20-Amp Battery Charger.
  • It quickly revives battery when control is reestablished.
  • It shuts down entirely to extend the life of the battery.
  • It has dual Float Switch.
  • It turns on the siphon to ensure its working.
  • It only needs to move 1/4″ to initiate the siphon
  • It has the USB Port for Connection to Watchdog/Pro Series Wifi Module.
  • It also allows for cutting edge alert and framework status
  • It also requires the Watchdog/Pro Series Wifi Module.

Specifications of the Basement Watchdog Big Dog CONNECT

  • 0.33 Horsepower (HP)
  • Water Flow (GPM) is 36.66           
  • Warranty is 2-year              
  • Volts is 115             
  • Material is Plastic   
  • Impeller Material is Polycarbonate            
  • Inlet Diameter is 1-1/2       
  • Outlet Diameter is 1-1/4     
  • Cord Length (Feet) is 10    
  • The application is Battery backup sump pump system      
  • Package Quantity is 1         
  • Package Contents are Controller, charger, float switch, pump, battery box, and detailed instruction manual            
  • Power Source is Electric    
  • Amperage is 10       
  • Sub Type is Battery-powered sump pump             
  • Outlet Connection is NPT   
  • Submersible Yes  

Why should you buy it?

Watchdog backup systemp pumps 2200 GPH @ 10-ft lift to discharge the sump pit in a few moments. This AC/DC unit functions as the first sump pump when there is family control and if not changes over to crisis battery reinforcement capacity to run the sump siphon. PC controller tests the battery and runs the sump pump once every week to determine any up keeping necessities or issues. The 20 amp charger charges the cell rapidly and stops entirely to extend the life of the cell. The controller produce sounds for caution and also has notice lights. This depicts what to accomplish for simple smooth functioning. Screens, battery, power and pump action are noticed via a sound alert when it identifies the accompanying circumstances. It has an excellent feature to run the pump weekly to assure that it is in a working state. This can also be integrated with any home security system which offers dry contacts. It offers a longer run time. You can see the correlation sheet for more highlights. It hence requires the Basement Watchdog 7.5 Hour Standby Deep Cycle Battery 30HDC140S or B12-90 to work up to 7.5 hours constantly.

Basement Watchdog 30 HDC140S battery


  • It has the rugged thermoplastic construction.
  • It has a flow rate of 3300 gallons per hour.
  • It is equipped with the maintenance free backup system.
  • It has the built-in alarm alerts you when the pump activates.
  • It has a smart charging model.
  • Plus float switch is included in it.
  • It has a two-year limited warranty


  • It doesn’t connect to AC power directly
  • Battery not included but you may but it on Amazon

Final verdict:

After a clear review of the features and product specifications, we would be calling this product as a good option to purchase right away. It would be providing you with some accurate warning indicators. It is composed of the set of lights that will tell you when the pump is on and working. It also informs you when the battery needs maintenance. Everything is looking good with this working concept. It would be coming out to be very good system. So stop wasting time and buy it now!

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