Blink XT vs Arlo Pro 2 – Full Comparison

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro 2 – Full Comparison


With the growing age, humans have advanced themselves exponentially in every aspect of their life. We have upgraded everything from the food we eat to the cars we drive and simultaneously our security is another top priority that we have upgraded and evolved. Nowadays no matter how safe your surroundings are you can never be too sure or safe. With the growing and advancements in technology, crime also has advanced and can be seen in an abundance.

This is why security systems like the Blink XT and Arlo pro are manufactured to meet the growing security needs of all individuals who are constantly seeking a solution to their security problems. Both these devices have state of the art motion sensor and detection systems that only have a 3 sec time lag. In addition to the extraordinary detection, they also have impeccable video quality of 1080p HD and offer night vision which is extremely crucial.

Now a day’s one of the most vital parts of our life is our security and how we opt to maintain that security. Because regardless of how secure your compound is and no matter how secure your surrounding is, you can never really take any chances when it comes to the wellbeing of your loved ones and your home.

Arlo pro 2

The Arlo pro 2 came out a year after the Arlo pro and as expected is an upgraded version that proves to eliminate the minor shortcomings of the Arlo pro. To start in terms of design, the Arlo pro 2 comes in metallic lettering and has a white bevel around its front area and is superb in terms of aesthetics.

In terms of resolution, the Arlo pro 2 has a resolution of 1080 HD making it significantly clear and give you super quality videos.  The Arlo pro 2 like its predecessor comes with geofencing technology thus points your location regardless of which part of the world you’re likely to be in using Wi-Fi and GPS.

A significant feature of the Arlo pro 2 is that it can be powered by not only solar and batteries but also with an AC adapter. The AC power source is an extreme advantage for the Arlo pro two because it is a continuous source of power and so the device can run all the functions all the time and does not need to maneuver selectively to save battery.

An essential feature for any security system should be night vision, and it is not disregarded in the Arlo pro 2. Like the Arlo pro, it also enjoys night vision and has eight infrared lenses to give a fairly clear and a good picture. But because sensors need photons to capture images, they require an ambient light or a background light like a street light. For the Arlo pro 2’s night vision, it has been upgraded as the facial features of the intruders are better defined.

Arlo pro 2 night vision. Image from LifeHackster youtube channel

The Arlo pro 2 gives a continuous recording where the surrounding video is recorded throughout the day and night. The recorded video is then stored in the cloud for you to view it anytime. And for this function, the Arlo pro has to be on a monthly plan and have an AC power source. Also, the time lag for the Arlo pro 2 to capture the video after a motion is detected is shorter, only about 3 secs in total before recording thus leaving less space to miss an integral moment.

Battery life for the Arlo pro2 only lasts for three months which means that it has to be replaced more times in a year. But apart from battery time, there was a slight disadvantage in the previous device which was the passive infrared sensor and users had no control over the area that was monitored by the previous device because zooming in wasn’t an option. The Arlo pro 2 overcomes this limitation.

Highlighted features

  • Works with Alexa and Google assistant
  • 100% wireless
  • 1080 HD quality
  • Flexible powering options
  • Weather resistant
  • AC power source

Blink XT

The Blink XT is an incredible security device which as adapts, durable and most importantly it delivers. To start of the Blink XT at the first and most important phase of operation is its setup. And that starts with downloading the Blink XT mobile app that’s called Blink XT home monitor. After downloading the app, an account can be created with id and email verification. Then comes the syncing part which is very simple. After logging in you need to press the sync module button, on clicking it the user would be asked to scan the QR code on the product box. Then plug in your device and after seeing the green light and a Blink XTing blue light connect to the Wi-Fi and create a password. The last step to complete setup is to connect the cameras and your all set to be connected and your house secure.

Blink XT has an amazing design that is aesthetically appealing plus simple and very minimalistic. It has a rectangular box with a lens in the front and is black which looks majestic. The dimensions of the camera are 3.23 x 8.98 x 9.06 inches and weigh only around 2 pounds making it very lightweight and easy to place. Also, it would fit perfectly anywhere that the user should choose.

The Blink XT is a 100% wire-free, so it is very flexible to place it anywhere without a second thought or hindrance. What makes it all the lighter as a design or a product feature is how it has no data storage. It has a hundred meters range from the hub. It comes with cameras, and ten cameras can be armed on the same sync module. The Blink XT is integrated with Amazons Alexa.

It comes with an infrared night vision for after sunset security which is a vital part of homeland security. The Blink XT is compatible with the IFTT and provides a good quality 1080HD video also it sends out instant alerts on detection. It is waterproof for all weather conditions and climate types, so where ever you may reside it is not a problem to install and arm your security system with Blink XT. What sets BLINK XT apart is that it works in low light lamination.

Blink xt night vision. Image from LifeHackster youtube channel

It has a 110-degree field vision and views to capture the movements around the location of the camera. It has an operating temperature of a hundred and thirteen degrees Fahrenheit. Another feature of the Blink XT is that it has an amazing battery life of two years and can be used up to five years without changing. It provides restricted audio access. Though the Blink XT records for sixty seconds after motion is detected, it allows you to store up a video for 2 hours, but it does not have a special feature like zooming in. The Blink XT can also be remotely armed and disarmed remotely. The positive point about the Blink XT is that sync mode ensures that security cameras can work even when the internet is down or in any case of a power outage.

Highlighted features:

  • Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Motion detection
  • Battery powered security system
  • Smart home video security with HD video
  • Free cloud storage

Blink XT vs Arlo pro 2 comparison

To compare both the Blink XT and Arlo pro 2 we have to view both of them side by side in their own technical right. First looking at the Blink XT, there are no additional fees because no data storage or subscription is required. Blink XT has a 100 feet range from the hub. Also, ten cameras can be connected to the same sync module. The Blink XT has a wireless design for superior flexibility. The Blink XT is very easy to set up and has an infrared night vision and can be integrated with Alexa integration. But with all its positives the Blink XT does have its limitations like it records motion only for 60 seconds and on-demand recording is not available plus it streams only 30-second increments. The Blink XT also does not has a zoom in option or tilt. Only two hours of storage is allowed.

Blink XT vs Arlo Pro 2 Comparison Table

Blink XT

Arlo pro 2
Up to 1080Up to 1280×720
110° FOV130° FOV
Free Cloud Recording 7 days Free Cloud Recording
Motion recording only for 60 secondsMotion recording 24/7
No zoomZoom
No tiltTilt
PIR detectionPIR or software detection
1-way audio 2-way audio
WeatherproofIP 65 water resistance
Night vision up to 20 ft.Night vision up to 25 ft.
100 ft. range from the hub300 feet range from the hub
100% wire-freeWire-Free or Plugged In
2 AA lithium batteriesRechargeable batteries
2-years battery lifeUp to 6 months battery life
Price ~$190 2-packPrice ~$340 2-pack

With the Arlo pro 2 starting with its positives it has a display quality of 1080p HD for the best resolution and clarity. With the Arlo pro 2 recharging is easy as you can plug it in an electric socket. Also, the Arlo pro 2 has two-way audio to talk and listen, and it is its biggest selling point which separates it from the Blink XT. The Arlo pro 2 also like the Blink XT has an excellent night vision, and another positive that sets it apart from the Blink XT is that you can set activity zones and you can pan the camera and zoom in. Although the Arlo pro is an amazing security device system it also has its limitations like the advanced features like continuous recording and continuous video are only available when you plug the Arlo in an electric socket, and they cannot be activated on battery. Also, another downside that goes in favor of the Blink XT is that the Arlo pro has a very little battery life compared to the Blink XT of only three months and then it needs to be changed which makes it some times per year.

Buyers guide

Can the Arlo pro and Blink XT be plugged in?

Yes, the Arlo pro 2 can be plugged because it has an AC adapter and it is important to plug it in to avail its advanced features like continuous video. But for the Blink XT, it is not possible as it runs on battery and it does not have a plug-in option.

Can you add Arlo pro to Arlo system?

 Yes, you can.

How long do Arlo batteries last?

The Arlo pro’s batteries last up to 6 months or 3 months, and then they require change, plus you need an AC power source to avail the endless video options.

Are Arlo pro 2 wireless cameras waterproof?

Yes, the Arlo wireless cameras are waterproof and are fit to be used as seen fit and can work under any weather conditions and climate.

How far can Arlo camera be from the base station?

They can be placed 300 feet or 90 meters from base depending on the obstructions in its pathway.

How many can Arlo cameras run on one?

The maximum number of Arlo cameras that can be placed on Arlo system in 15 but above five cameras you need an elite subscription plan.

How do you speak with the Arlo camera?

You take out the app on your phone then take out the microphone symbol and press it to talk and then release it to listen from the camera.


To conclude both the Blink XT and Arlo pro are amazing security systems and both have their positives and limitations. A small summary of which would be how the Blink XT has a greater battery life than the Arlo pro 2 of up to 3 to 5 years whereas the Arlo pro 2 only amounts up to 3 to 6 months. But then the Arlo pro 2 gives a video 24/7 when plugged into an electric power source, unlike the Blink XT which only gives at 60-second intervals.

Then another aspect would be how you can select zones with Arlo, and you have a zoom option unlike in the Blink XT. And even though both have a resolution of 1080p and have night vision, after viewing both of them panned against each other it is clear that the Arlo pro 2 is the clear winner of the two if you have secured a power outlet and aren’t phased by numerous battery changes and if you are and you want to go for long lasting battery life and only that then the Blink XT could be the winner for you.