Converting your loft

London is the place of most expensive properties on Earth. Thus, selecting the best loft conversion firm is of utmost importance in order to ensure highest standard of conversion. Converting a loft into a home cinema hall or into two bedrooms with high-tech bathrooms are some of the common conversions.

Touchstone Lofts are the best loft conversion specialists in London. They have a vast experience of 25 years in loft conversions in London. They provide final craftsmanship with an affordable loft conversion. From planning, designing and securing building regulations, Touchstone Lofts take care of everything. There are various types of loft conversions possible.

They are as follows:

Rooflight Conversion – Rooflight conversion is one of the most common loft conversions. It involves only fitting of rooflights with no major external roof changing. Rooflight conversion generally provides an en-suite and adequate room. It is comparatively cheaper than the other conversions.

Dormer Conversion – Dormer conversion is the most popular kind of loft conversion in London. It involves removing the rear side of the roof. It is actually a type of rear roof extension. Pitched roof and flat roof dormers are its types. Rear dormers are generally double or L shaped dormers.

Hip To Gable – If you live in an end terraced home then your roof is not gabled. It is a hip blade roof. Hip to Gable conversion converts the hipped roof into a gable with extra space in your room. It is more expensive than the other loft conversions as it involves a lot of work.

Mansard Loft Conversion – Mansard Loft Conversion is normally preferred by those customers who prefer that kind of dormer. It is a flat roof dormer construction with brick dormer cheeks and 72 degrees of angled dormer face. Windows are built outside to give an attractive look to the roof extension.

Why select Touchstone for a loft conversion?

  • A loft conversion is done by the professional specialists at an affordable price.
  • Your home’s potential will be increased by converting the loft.
  • A loft conversion is a hassle free experience, as the Touchstone Lofts deal with the paper works.
  • Touchstone Lofts are a family company that can highly be trusted.


Possibilities of loft conversion –

  • You can have en-suite bedrooms through loft conversions.
  • Consider a loft conversion in order to run a work or business from home.
  • Your home’s value will be increased with extra bedrooms.
  • A loft conversion adds an upstairs family room in a home.
  • You can also make your loft a games room with the help of loft conversion.


Touchstone Lofts work throughout London and are famous for their specialized loft conversions. They provide the customers with best quality, design and services. They have been awarded with the National Awards in 2010 for their outstanding customer service and excellent quality of craftsmanship. They are certified and registered to the Government of London. Thus, give your home an extra touch of modern designed looks with the help of a loft conversion.