Grundfos Hot Water Circulation pumps

Now you don’t need to worry because the best Grundfos hot water circulation pumps are here to provide you with the right temperature water and also a permanent solution to the water problem. Here are the five best hot water pumps.

Grundfos 59896155 Super Brute


Grundfos 59896155

This Grundfos super brute circulator pump is made of cast iron. Is the perfect replacement for all those tired of waiting long hours to get some hot water? This product by Grundfos is an electrically powered machine. And it works at a voltage of 115 volts. The 59896155 or the UP15-42F circulator pump is a 1/25 hp cast iron circulator. This is specifically designed to be applied to close loop heatings. It has an exact weight of 6.9 pounds which makes it quite light. Its dimensions are approximately 5.2 x 4.2 x 6.5 inches.


 Protection: The UP1542F is a long term machine which is very well built, inside out. Inside it has motor protection for long lasting life, this protection keeps the motor safe from damage and adds to the performance of this recirculation pump. Also, the Grundfos UP1542F is crafted from cast iron, and that helps in giving the circulation pump and extended life span by protecting it from corrosion.

Application: The Grundfos UP1542F has a broad range of application and can be used in baseboards, fan coils, etc. It is also mainly has closed loop heating applications such as radiant heating. Its other applications include hydraulic heating, solar and various system type heating.

Motor:  the UP1542F consists of 2 motors, a single phase. It requires a voltage of 115 volts and has a power consumption of 25 watts. It gives an improved and efficient performance. The other very nifty feature is how the circulation pump runs a very quiet operation even at very high flow levels thus ensuring that it won’t disrupt the user’s work or sleep time.

Timer and Aquastat: the UP1542F has an impressive way to conserve energy and electricity. It does this by gauging the temperature of the water and the operational timer and aquastat, so when the temperature reaches its desired heat, it stops automatically thus saving and conserving energy.

Temperature and pressure: the main reason why someone would vouch for getting the Grundfos UP1542F is how it instantly heats water. The fact that it is electric based rather than a geezer which is gas based. This recirculation pump hits a maximum temperature of two hundred and thirty Fahrenheit and has a minimum fluid temperature of thirty-six Fahrenheit. So depending on the cold or the desired heat it has a wide range of suitable temperatures. In terms of pressure, it has a maximum pressure of 145 PSI.

The Grundfos UP1542F is the perfect machine for water heating, where ever you may choose to apply it. And gives you several benefits from energy conservation to soundless operation.

Grundfos UPS15-58FC Circulator Pump

Grundfos UPS15-58FC


The Grundfos UPS15-58FC circulator pump is made from cast iron material. It has a three-speed motor which offers a range of speeds from low to high. It also consists of a built-in check valve which is removable. And it’s safe to say that it is one of the most popular and versatile circulator pumps in the market. Its heating covers a wide range of applications in different areas which will be mentioned in the features. It has a total weight of eight point six pounds, and its dimensions are as follows 8 x 8 x8 inches. Its components include two flange gaskets.


Cast iron pump:

The Cast iron pump is made of the ceramic shaft and radial bearings, carbon axial bearing, and chrome steel. The Cast iron pump protects it from rusting, and the motor does not require and protection as it is The UPS15self sufficient in that regard.

Quiet: -58FC is built incredibly for precisely those situations where the user requires both the result and some peace for work and leisure. That is where the wet rotter’s come into play. With the use of these wet rotter’s this circulation pump performs whisper operations and is the perfect remedy for sound sensitive installations requirement.

Applications:  the ups15-58fc is adapt to a wide range of applications. Its application includes a heating’s such as radiant heating, hydraulic heating and fan, and coil heating.

Types: this circulation pumps is adjustable to many types of systems of renewable energy like solar or hydro and can be powered by either, but mainly it runs on electric and works at a voltage of 115 volts and has a maximum pressure of 145 PSI.

Installation and temperature:  this machine is very user-friendly and easy to install, it has a detachable valve and after installation readily meets the demand of heating and not just heating but fast heating and through a range of temperatures — the maximum heating temperature of two hundred and thirty Fahrenheit and a minimum of 36 Fahrenheit.

Technical specifications: the Grundfos circulation pump works at a voltage of 115 volts, and it gives three different speeds and a different amperage. The lowest speed is at 0.55 ampere, the medium speed takes a 0.66 ampere, and the highest or maximum speed requires a current of 0.75 amps. In addition to the voltage at which the speed corresponds the power in terms of the same correspondence is as follows. The lowest or the first speed takes up sixty watts, at medium speed, it takes up eighty watts, and at maximum speed, it takes up eighty-seven watts.

Pressure, flow range, head range:  the circulation pump hits a maximum pressure of one hundred and forty-five PSI. While delivering and pumping hot water at a flow rate ranging from 0 to 17 GPM. Its head range goes from 0 to approximately 19.5 also runs at a 1/25 horsepower, delivering and meeting all the desired temperatures.

Pros and cons of hot water recirculating pump


  • Extremely quiet
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation


  • Lacks sensors


The UPS15-58FC has both its positives and negatives but all in all it is an incredible circulation pump.

Grundfos GRU-595916

Grundfos GRU-595916


The Grundfos 595916 has a 1/25 horsepower circulator pump and is one of the best recirculation pumps that the industry has got. The pump can deliver 9 gallons per minute thus relieving you of any shortage of hot water. It indeed is impressive and efficient. The Grundfos 595916 weights 6.85 pounds, and its dimensions are exactly 10 x 10 x 10 inches. It also works at a voltage of 115 volts. It also has a built-in timer and works on a corded electric power source.


Maintenance: the Grundfos 595916 unlike a lot of recirculating pumps does not require high-end maintenance. It has a 1/25 hp recirculation water pump, but still, even after delivering amazing results it is very maintenance friendly and gives good performance all the time.

Affordable:  The other positive of the Grundfos 595916 is that it is very affordable, unlike costly heating systems.  Also, it comes with a timer and an aqua status, this timer and aqua status help to conserve your house’s energy and thus, in the end, does not only pass as affordable, but it is cost effective as well.

Noise-free: the other fantastic feature of the Grundfos 595916 is the wet rotter technology. This wet rotor technology helps to give noise free and quiet operation. This makes it a real catch as it is not only suitable for hot domestic water circulation but gives you the pin drop silence to work and sleep, to keep you rested and ready for another day of work.

Systems:  the Grundfos 595916 is suitable for some systems. It is suitable for hot domestic water circulation and the circulation of liquid air –conditioning systems. It has an aluminum stator housing, and there is no additional wiring required. It is also very convenient in terms or easy to install.


Very easy to install and very affordable, also user-friendly and has sensor technology. All in all, it is a very nice catch for circulation pumps.

The Grundfos Alpha circulation pump

Grundfos 59896834 Alpha

The Grundfos is proud to present the next generation of circulation pumps with the Grundfos alpha. With its next-generation energy efficient circulators. They have incorporated a permanent motor design and reduced power consumption by 50 percent. The Grundfos alpha adapts to the various and many demands of the heating system without compromising the comfort level it gives. The Grundfos alpha analyses the system and adjusts accordingly.


Auto adapt:   the unique  mechanism of the Grundfos Alpha is that it adjusts to the system by measuring the system automatically, thereby reducing energy loss to a minimum and saves on consumption and maximizes energy savings

User-friendly:  the Grundfos Alpha is very easy to assemble and install. And it is another reason why it is so popular because of its easy to use operation.

Mode:  now with the Grundfos Alpha it is just a touch of a button from getting the perfect temperature according to your usage and bathing requirements. There are several modes, and each mode can be changed or selected by the touch of a button.

LED: the Grundfos Alpha is made even more user-friendly and easy to operate with the help of the LED display which shows flow indication and power consumption. Also, the Grundfos Alpha has straightforward plug connections, which when joined to the critical locations can start heating right away. To top it all of the Grundfos Alpha doesn’t require any form of wiring.

Motor: the Grundfos Alpha has a single, and it works at a supply voltage ranging from 115 to 120 VAC. And has a contact rating of 16 amps.


To conclude the Grundfos alpha truly is the next generation ultimate power consumption circulation pump.

Grundfos 59896341

Grundfos 59896341


The Grundfos is a well-known competitor and a well-known name when it comes to recirculation pumps. This particular product the Grundfos 59896341 brute speed 1/25 horsepower recirculate pump is a canned rotor type. Meaning that it contains a pump and a motor unit but no shaft seek and has only two gaskets for sealing. The pump has characteristics such as a ceramic shaft, radial bearing, carbon axial bearings, chrome steel rotor, and composite. Finally, it has iron pump housing.


Affordable: like many circulations pumps by Grundfos the Grundfos 59896341 is also very affordable.

Extremely quiet:  because of the wet rotors the Grundfos 59896341 does not make a sound while operating and has a steadfast heating action while completely soundless. But the soundless working does not compromise the results it achieves as a perfect heating circulatory pump system.

Hp: the Grundfos 59896341 is a fast circulation pump and runs at a maximum of 1/25 horsepower

Flow range:  the Grundfos 59896341 has a flow range of a max 17 GPM and a head range of up to 19.5 Feet.

Motor: it has a two pole motor and has an attachable and detachable phase. It also works at a voltage of a hundred and fifteen Volts.

Maintenance:  it has completely negligible or no maintenance costs what so ever. The reason being the wet rotor which not only is sound less but it protects from greasing and other problems like corrosion. Also because it is constructed by using cast iron it gives the Grundfos 59896341 an extended life span.


  • It is extremely quiet
  • It is very affordable
  • It is very easy to install


  •  It may start to sound after  a long time of usage
  • No digital display
  • No led


The Grundfos is one of the reasons why it is a heavy contender in the circulation pump market. But it has its strong points and weak points when compared with its other completion like the alpha, and yet in its regard, it is a real force to be reckoned with.

To help you choose the most appropriate recirculating pump for your needs we’ve made a list of the top hot water recirculating pumps Protection Status