PumpSpy PSO1000 smart outlet – A revolutionary product

PumpSpy PSO1000 smart outlet – A revolutionary product

Submersible pumps or sump pumps are special kind of pumps, where the pump assembly can operate being submerged completely into the surrounding liquid. The motor that operates inside submersible pumps are hermetically sealed and close coupled to the pump body. Submersible pumps are used in many different applications starting from small scale domestic uses to large scale uses like drilling oil from offshore drilling rigs amidst the sea. The submersible pump used for household domestic purposes are generally very small in size and requires small amount of power for its operation.

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One of the primary uses of a sump pumps is to keep your basement from any damages due to building up of water, preventing expensive damages that may occur due to the built-up water due flooding or any other causes. Battery powered backup sump pumps are also used to regulate the water flows in the basements while the primary sump pump is out of service or the electricity is out. So, sump pumps are quite useful products, and present in almost in every household with a basement in it. In this era of wireless technology, even sump pumps are being blessed with various wireless features. So, here we are presenting you with a brand new product and its review.

PumpSpy PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump smart outlet converts the sump pump fitted in your house into a smart sump pump connected to Wi-Fi connection. As soon as you connect the PumpSpy sump pump smart outlet with the Wi-Fi at your home, the smart system connects your pump with PumpSpy’s 24*7 monitoring service, maintained by PumpSpy itself, to provide you with hassle and tension free service.


PumpSpy’s smart systems send important data to the server at PumpSpy’s 24*7 monitoring service, and the system will keep an eye on your sump pump system if it’s operating properly by analyzing the transmitted data continuously. As soon as the server detects any problem provided by the smart outlet’s data, PumpSpy sends an alert to your smart phone automatically with complete details. Apart from this, you can always check on your pump using the Android app of PumpSpy. You can check on pump status, network status, battery level and water level. You will also be able to check on previous stats like the cycle of the last pumping session, duration of previous cycles, daily totals, etc. And this entire feature pact PumpSpy’s smart outlet system is very easy to install without any fuss.

You can simply plug in PumpSpy smart outlet on you wall socket, then plug in the sump pump into the smart system and finally connect your PumpSpy smart system with Wi-Fi. This takes less than a minute with no external device being required. And with the free PumpSpy Android app on your smartphone, you will be able to keep an eye on your sump pump anytime, anywhere. One of the best features of this PumpSpy smart system is that it works even when the main power supply at your home is gone. The PumpSpy smart outlet system keeps itself filled with enough power to keep operating for a few seconds after the power cut. As soon as the smart PumpSpy outlet detects that the power is gone, it will try to connect with the PumpSpy’s monitoring server. And if the power outage causes the Wi-Fi too to go offline, then you will receive an alert shortly from the monitoring server of the PumpSpy, if your PumpSpy smart outlet fails to transmit data to the monitoring server for more than two minutes.

Without any doubt, this smart outlet system from the PumpSpy is a revolutionary product, though it is absolutely recommended by PumpSpy that you always install a backup sump pump over your primary sump pump. As, in case of primary pump failure at your basement, the PumpSpy smart outlet installed at your home will only be able to send you an alert immediately but it won’t be able to handle any pumping duty. Apart from these facts, the PumpSpy smart outlet is suitable to work with any 120 Volt sump pump. And this unique machine comes with 3 years of warranty to keep your peace of mind for an even longer period of time.


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