Review of Zoeller M63 Premium Series


ZOELLER M63 PREMIUM SERIESHouses in the low lying areas mostly face the problem of basement flooding. It makes the house damp and also damages several expensive assets of a house. You can keep your basement dry and can save your house from further damages by using a submersible sump pump to remove logged water from the basement. The Zoeller M63 Premium Series sump pump is one of the efficient sump pumps available in the market. You can change your noisy old sump pump with this best rated and most famous Zoeller M63 Premium Series sump pump.

Why should you purchase the Zoeller M63 Premium Series sump pump?

Before you finalize the decision to buy a sump pump, you must know in details what a sump pump actually is. The logged or collected water in the sump basin in the basement of a house is removed with the help of a pump known as the sump pump. There are many ways of entering the water into the sump basin – channeling in the basin, rain water, natural ground water and the border drains of the waterproofing system. If the ground water table is above the basement, then only natural ground water can enter in the sump basin.

People find this sump pump of great help where flooding of basement is a regular issue. Dampness is caused when the level of water table rises above the foundation. This problem of dampness can also be resolved by the Zoeller M63 Premium Series submersible sump pump. The sump pump collects the logged water from the basement and discharges it to a distant place like a dry well or drainage. There are different kinds of sump pumps available in the market and each has different usage and function.

What are the unique features of the Zoeller M63 Premium Series Submersible Sump Pump?

The Zoeller M63 Premium Series Automatic Submersible Sump Pump is one of the most efficient and popular submersible sump pumps available in the market. This sump pump can be used both for small commercial and residential purposes. Great durability is provided and less heat for extended protection is created by this submersible sump pump. It comes with 1-1/2 inch NPT discharge. It has great compatibility with all kinds of residential and light commercial usages. This sump pump also comes with a 10- foot long power cord. The LED lighted plug end of the power cord helps the user to locate it during the power accessibility to the pump.

This sump pump comes with a warranty of five years. The Zoeller M63 Premium Series sump pump functions with the help of a float-operated system. 2-pole mechanical switch is consisted of by this submersible sump pump. This sump pump is mostly popular due to its advanced switch technology that comes with powder coated epoxy and corrosion resistant finish. Viton is used to make the other switch of this sump pump. Cast iron is used to construct the sump pump entirely. As no part of this sump pump is made of sheet metal, so there is no chance of corrosion and rusting.

Screws, handle, switch arm and guard are made up of stainless steel. There is no issue of clogging, as screens are not used while creating this submersible sump pump. A neoprene square ring is placed in between pump housing and motor. Polypropylene float oil is used to fill this sump pump in order to make it solid and strong. There is air tight sealing to ensure no leakage of water. It also comes with an automatic reset thermal overload protected motor. Oil is used to soak both the upper and lower sleeve bearings of this sump pump. The Zoeller M63 Premium Series Submersible Sump Pump has undergone pressure testing. Maximum temperature is provided for dewatering by ceramic, carbon and shaft seal, only after the assembly of the pump.


There is no doubt that the Zoeller M63 Premium Series Submersible Sump Pump is the best sump pump in the market. Its features such as improved switch, lighted electrical plug, cast iron impeller and five years warranty have made it a unique sump pump of all. Water is drained quickly by it with a very less sound level. Buy the Zoeller M63 Submersible Sump Pump today to get rid of all water issues.

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