Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

Superior Pump 91250

Superior pump is known for providing maximum power in the same price and weight range. Superior pumps offer you lots of feature, by being little less expensive, more durable, and performance oriented. The brand is known for the build quality, and you can easily notice that as soon as you lay your hands on the pump. The pumps superior makes are ideal of swimming pool and all the sump pump functions. The thermoplastic bodies are well made, and really live to the expectations. Let’s talk in details the various features, and review them


Superior pumps are not only superior in the performance, but also in the body. The thermoplastic body is hard and corrosion resistant. This means that you can place the pump n rough areas, even with hard water, because the body is extremely durable and resistant. The sleek design helps in better grip and storage. The submersible pump can really be taken in the places which, otherwise, won’t be possible. This pump really get some points on the body part.

The pump can get fit into an opening of 6 inches, that’s a great thing to have because you don’t know where you might need this thing to work. The box contains pump unit, hose adapter, and user manual.


The pump is equipped with ¼ horsepower motor for the pump operations. The motor is compact and offers a good power to weight ratio metric. It can pump 35 gallons up to 25 feet in a minute, that’s 1800 gallons per hour. The water can be sucked from as low as 1/8 inch of the ground, which is a really good suction level.

The motor is split capacitor, continuous duty, giving the performance which other pump in the same range fails to offer. The motor draws the current of 3.8 ampere. The water intake happens from the bottom and side of the pump, which helps in continuous pumping. The motor is safe and has thermal protection, which means even after long duration of work, you can expect it to work same as it does, without any harm to the motor. It often happens due to long duration of the operation, some pumps get malfunction, due to motor being damaged by high temperatures, well, this pump is protection thermally, and not just any thermal protection, it has a really good one.

The performance chart of the pump is linear, which is not the case with most of the pump. The pump linearly follows the total head and flow rate chart. With suns standard pumps, the curve is there, which means, with gradual increase in height, the impact on the flow rate is exponential, not linear. This pump is a good example of power combined with sleek design.

This pump is your buddy in flooded basements, swimming pools, and other pits, where the water gets clogged. The filtration in the pump helps in keeping the suction head clean, which means no need to worry in the dirty places, where you might think that it is not a good idea to run a pump, but not with this pump.


The pump comes with a waterproof 10 feet replaceable power cord, which is rigid enough to be used in rough places, and not going anywhere in at least 5 years. The clog resistant suction helps in working in dirty places. It does a great job in filtering the content of the water so that the motor and impeller is safe. The internal stainless-steel motor protected, which also happens to be the thermal protector, is a great feature. It doesn’t limit the performance of the motor when it is running for quite a few times it happens that the motor performance reduces with the time, due to heating issues inside, but this pump passes the test of durability by good numbers. There is an optional float switch, which helps in carry out the operations smoothly.

The pump has got garden hose adapter right out of the box, and it is used mainly for that purpose only. But this is a great sump pump if you can attach the optional float switch. The float switch if sensitive, can really work along with the pump. You can buy that switch from outside or order it for the Amazon.

The company offers one year of warranty with the unit. With that kind of rugged body, it is bound to run more than that. The pump has been UL/CUL listed and has CSA certification for safety and dependability.

The pump has got the right amount of power and durability for small purposes like your swimming pools, pits, basements and other works. The features are good, and in this price range, it won’t get better than that.

The price this pump has really justifies the price. There are pumps in the market that offer the same features but lack the good body that this pump has got. If the body is good, then the price would be high. Superior has done a great job in making a perfect overall pump, that is ideal for the small usage, both with the garden hose, and float switch.

The Verdict

This pump is no doubt the ideal pump for small purposes, swimming pools, sump pits, basements, and leakage pipes. And what makes it that good is the bucket full of features. The waterproof power cord, along with the split capacitor, this pump has really got something. The body is cherry on the cake. This pump is durable than you think it is. The performance is on mark and doesn’t let you down as other pumps when you increase the height. If you’re looking for a pump with more power, then you can go to other, otherwise, in quarter horsepower, this is a strong contender. So don’t think twice and buy this piece right away, and get blown away by the pumping it does, in your swimming pool, or garden, wherever you like.