The GE Simon XT Alarm System – How Good Is It?

Picking the correct alarm system is something that you are advised to never rush into and indeed there are a number of different manufacturers and companies to browse through before making your decision. One such system is the GE Simon XT wireless alarm system, but prior to buying you may want to know more about it and find out just how good it actually is at protecting you and your home.

What is the GE Simon XT alarm system?
This particular model was brought out to replace the previous Simon 3 model and as you would expect it has some updated features as a result. This new series is more compact, has its own LCD display, provides you with more wireless zones, has the ability to create a history log, and it can also call up to four phone numbers with this being an increase on the previous model that could only call three.

You will also find that the GE Simon XT alarm system also has a feature whereby it has an in-built voice dialer and this will call any of the four phone numbers and give you an actual voice recording telling you about the alarm or system so you know exactly what is going on. This feature does appear on other alarm systems, but the difference with this is that it comes as standard whereas with others it can be a very expensive add-on to have included.

The kits.
If the GE Simon XT alarm system is something that appeals to you, then there are a number of different kits available depending upon what your own personal needs actually are. The packages will vary according to things such as the number of sensors you require, if you need a sensor that means your pet can walk about freely without setting it off, and even if you want a remote to reset it to save you walking to the central control panel all the time. The good thing is that the different kits will cover a range of possibilities so you should be able to find the one that is perfect for your own home.

How good are they to use?
The alarms themselves are very reliable, but with an alarm system this is only part of the story as you need to know that the security company themselves are also good at what they do. With regard to this company you will find that you get a toll free support number to call should you have any enquiries or email support is also available. The actual installation of the alarm system is also not that complex, but the main thing is that it does work and offers you the protection you are looking for.

In conclusion it has to be said that if you are looking for a wireless alarm system for your home that is very affordable, then this could be the very type that you should look at buying. The difference in price between the various packages is not that big so do consider pushing the boat out a bit to get a deluxe package especially if you have pets, then if you are unable to install it yourself, then do get a qualified engineer who can install your new GE Simon XT system in next to no time at all.

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