The Schlage be365 Keypad Deadbolt Lock – Is It Secure?

The Schlage be365 keypad deadbolt lock is just one of many such locks currently available on the market, but when you are looking at anything that is connected to security, then clearly you want to be sure that it is the best that is available for your budget. What this means is you need to know that it really is secure, that the lock itself is well made, and that it is easy to operate the keypad before you go ahead and buy so the following information may prove to be quite useful.

What is the Schlage be365 and how does it work?
This is a deadbolt lock so there is no door handle as such, but what you do get with this model is a knob that, when you turn it, you are able to feel the deadlock slide into place. This particular type of lock is seen as being very secure and the fact that it comes with a keypad means you do not have to worry about losing your key or forgetting it as you can still gain access by simply punching in the code.

Adding, or indeed deleting, a code is also very easy as the keypad comes with its own six number code that gives you access to this part and change the access codes to something that is more suitable. Doing this with the Schlage be365 is extremely easy as it only requires you to follow a few simple instructions in order to set up more codes for different people and you get two codes already set in when you buy this lock.
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Is the lock any good?
The Schlage be365 is an extremely good lock and you will be impressed by how sturdy it feels and this will then undoubtedly give you some confidence about actually going ahead and installing it. The deadlock does keep the door nice and secure and the keypad is easy to operate even at night since it does light up with this making it a lot easier for you to see what you are doing. Installing it is also something you will be able to do yourself as long as you have some basic DIY skills so there should be no need to call out a locksmith or anybody else that will charge you a fortune for 30 minutes work.

This lock is ideal for a number of situations where you want to limit how many people should be given access to a certain area in both domestic as well as commercial areas so this means it is perfect for offices as well as garages.

So in conclusion it has to be said that if you are looking for this particular type of lock, then you could do a lot worse than go ahead and buy this model. It is very well made and easy to operate and when both of those things come together you do tend to get a lock that will boost your security and this is, after all, what it is all about. Go ahead and buy that Schlage be365 lock as it is going to be money well spent.