The Schlage fe595 Security System – How Good Is It?

If you are looking at a way to limit the number of people that can enter through a certain door, then the Schlage fe595 keypad entry device is certainly something that you should think about having installed. By doing so, you will give that extra bit of security to a door with it only becoming accessible to those people that have the correct code, but just what does the system or how useful is it?

What does the Schlage fe595 system do?
Clearly the first thing it does is allows you to securely lock a door without the need for a key, so it does mean that as long as you remember the code you will never be locked out, and the keypad also lights up at night so you will have no difficulty in seeing it. With regard to it locking, then it comes with a flexi-lock option and this means that there are two different things you can do. The first is you can leave it unlocked or by simply turning a button you can make sure that it automatically locks behind you and clearly this can be useful in certain situations.

Adding or editing codes is also very easy as you only need the programming code supplied with the keypad so deleting old ones or adding new codes will only ever take a matter of minutes. You will of course get a manual to show you how to exactly do this with the Schlage fe595 keypad system, but there is nothing complex as long as you can follow a couple of simple steps.

How useful is this system?
In short the system is great as it does keep different people out of certain areas where they are not allowed and it does so without the need to add alarms to doors or require cameras to be installed to catch people going into different areas and all it needs is a 9V battery to keep it working so it will save you money compared to other ways to keep people out.

Are they sturdy?
The locks and handles themselves do feel very sturdy and installing them really is very simple indeed and one thing you will notice is that the entire keypad and lock is not as big as you may initially think when you take it out of the box. It is also easy to change the handles to whatever suits the actual door and each option is well made and will certainly not just break the moment any pressure is applied to it.

So when you need to secure those doors with a simple keypad entry system, then do look at installing the Schlage fe595 model as anybody should be able to do so in next to no time. This system will just add that extra little bit of security to your door since it limits the number of people opening it to those that have a code and there is no doubt that it does exactly what it is intended to do. The lock and handles are strong and well made and the price is also very favorable so all that is left to do is to either buy the Schlage fe595 keypad system online or find it in your local hardware store as it is well worth the money.