The Svat cv502-4ch-002 Complete Security System

Security is something that you should never compromise on and if you want to make sure that you are completely covered, then the Svat cv502-4ch-002 system is one that is certainly worth you spending some time checking out. When you buy this system you get everything you need from cameras to equipment to record the images on, but is it worth the money and is the surveillance any good?

The Svat cv502-4ch-002 package.
Prior to finding out if it really is any good it is worth looking a bit closer at what you actually get with this package so you can determine if this will be enough for your needs. Basically what you get for your money is a four channel DVR complete with a 500GB hard drive so you can record the images, four cameras that can work both indoors as well as outdoors, night vision, the ability to get emails, view the video online, and it can also be linked up to your smartphone.

What all of this means is that the Svat cv502-4ch-002 is capable of keeping an eye on your building and you are then able to see what the cameras are picking up no matter where you are as long as you have access to email, the internet, or your phone.

Is it any good?
Obviously the package is only any good if it works and picks up clear images and it has to be said that this surveillance system is very good for its price. The cameras that you get are professional grade so even though the price for the entire set up is relatively low do not think that this means that the equipment is second rate as this is certainly not the case. The system also comes with advanced motion activated recording and the images it captures are very clear and you should only have problems if sunlight is directly hitting them, but this is a problem for every type of camera so it should not be enough to put you off buying it.

The space you get for recording does also mean you can record a month of material without running out and this is certainly better than other systems out there where you are lucky to be able to record for a week without having to delete. It should also be said that it is also very easy to set it all up and the manual that you also get is very easy to understand and follow.

In conclusion it has to be said that if you are wanting to set up your own security surveillance system without going to the trouble of hiring a company that will charge you a small fortune, then this may very well be the perfect system for you. There are enough cameras to cover a range of angles, as long as you position them correctly, and you will also be able to record images to view and check out later on. The price is very reasonable considering what you get and this makes it ideal for people on a budget so if this sounds like you, then check out the Svat cv502-4ch-002 security package right now.