Top OBD2 wifi adapters in the market

OBD2 wifi adaptersNowadays, most of the people have smartphones in their hands. In this period of ultra modern technology, life is absolutely incomplete without a smartphone. They have become one of the primary and most essential things in today’s life. But only buying a latest smartphone is not everything. Upgrading your Android or iPhone smartphones to the latest version after a certain interval of time plays a major role to maintain it up-to-date. You can sync your smartphone with the help of a professional OBD2 scan tool through the OBD2 port. Select the best WiFi OBDII scanner.

Foseal WiFi OBDII Scanner

This scanner is specifically made for Android and iOS smartphones. Intermediate, novice and professional users can find the scanner very useful. It abides by all the protocols of OBD-11 and comes at an affordable price. It is a money-saving and problem-fixing tool that can transform your boring phone into an amazing and interesting one. It is available in different sizes and shapes. It is a compact and small scanner that can fit anywhere.


  • Diagnostic trouble codes like generic and manufacturer specific trouble codes can be erased, scanned and read by this scanner.
  • The meaning of the code can also be displayed on your smartphone with the help of code definitions database.
  • Current sensor data can also be displayed for vehicles diagnostics.

Veepeak Mini OBDII Scan Tool

All OBD2 vehicles are compatible with this scanner. It comes at an affordable price. DTCs can be read or cleared from your smartphone. It is a wireless and compact OBDII scan tool that comes in small size. You can sync up your phone by plugging the adapter into the OBD2 port of your car.


  • Not only with all OBD2 vehicles, this scanner is also compatible with SUVs, light trucks and imported vehicles.
  • It can be used simply and easily. It can be used in Apple iOS, Windows and Android smartphones. It works through WiFi. You can scan your vehicle on your smartphone with the help of this scanner.
  • Sensor data is provided in real time. Factors like fuel system status, timing advance, absolute throttle position, coolant temperature and engine RPM can be monitored using this scanner.

Hikeren WiFi OBDII V1.5

It is a small sized scan tool. It has compatibility with Windows, iOS and Android tablets and phones. It can completely diagnose your vehicle and display it on your smartphone. It is a wireless adapter that can read and erase diagnostic trouble codes. Sensor data and engine data can be viewed live with the help of this scanner. It is a pocket-friendly scanner, as it comes at an affordable price.


  • It can be used easily. It is a compact and light weight scanner that can be plugged in your vehicle.
  • Fuel system status is displayed on the screen.
  • Speed of the vehicle can also be viewed by you on the screen of your smartphone.

Thus, choose your scanner from the above-given list to upgrade your smartphone into OBDII scan tool.