Wayne CDU980E 58321-WYN3 Submersible Sump Pump Review

Rainy seasons is coming, and despite of the joy it brings, we all know that stagnant water is dangerous, and must be pumped out of the basement. Sump pumps come to the rescue, and with so much competition in the industry, it’s hard to find the right pump according to the needs.

Wayne is one of the best brands for sump pump and serving the market for 80 years. They have created a fair name for themselves. One of the most talked about sump pump of the brand, Wayne CDU980E sump pump, is helping in keeping the good name of the brand. Let’s review Wayne CDU980E, in depth, to see what it has got.



The Wayne CDU980E is loaded with ¾ HP, with body made with solid cast iron, giving the rigidity required for durability. It can pump up to 4600 GPH at 0′. The sump pump is good for large basements, and areas where the stagnant water is more than what a normal pump can keep out. It doesn’t heat even after long work hours, because the motor is well insulated. The power of the pump is commendable, considering the size.

There is absolutely no complaints about the performance this Wayne pump gives. Consumers are loving the product. Wayne has done a great job excelling all the departments in the pump and making it look like it’s easy. Because other companies are still struggling with the power optimization.


Some parts of the sump pump are made from stainless steel, and overall, protecting the pump from sudden drops and rust. The pump has vertical switch, designed for 11-inch diameter or larger sump basin, easily to be used for large places. The design of the pump is mesmerizing and offers maximum functionality in the areas where other might give you a hard time.

The impeller is made from durable polycarbonate which not only throws the water at good pressure but is also corrosion resistant. The stainless-steel motor housing & fasteners is present to make sure the connections are tight and well docked. It often happens that the impeller of sump pumps get corroded or disfigure with the time, and won’t give out the same performance as they used to. Well, this is not something that’s going to happen with Wayne CDU980E

The filter section present at the top of suction filters debris & minimizes clogging caused by dirty water. This helps in durability of the impeller. It is oil filled, and the motor is thermally protected making sure that it doesn’t overheat even after long time of usage.


The pump is easy to install, due to every part being plumbing free. You can just read the manual and good to go. The body is rigid, and really shows the dedication of the company towards build quality. The company provides 5 years’ warranty. You don’t have to need any other help in setting up the pump because it is that easy. With the manual included, it would easy


Thermal Insulation

It is probably the best thing about this sump pump. The thermal insulation makes this pump’s motor a high-end performer. It won’t heat as compared to the other sump pumps in the same category.

Heavy body

This really adds to the durability. The pump has one of the best sump pump bodies and design. The consumer review of the body is really great. With all the cast iron and stainless steel used in the right places, it makes the pump durable enough to stay with you for a really long time.

Vertical switch

The vertical switch helps in controlling the water, and really a good one in this model. There are some three-step vertical switches, which is not that performing, and often become obsolete after a certain time, not with this model though.


Due to the smaller size, compact, with heavy performance, this pump could be carried anyway you want, and anywhere. Portability of the model is unmatchable, and a lot of people prefer this over other models, which are quite a problem in case of portability.


The efficiency is packed with performance and delivered effortlessly by this pump. You can expect it to consume lesser energy than the fellow models for the same performance.

Switch Guard

It is another factor that makes the pump durable even after rough usage. It prevents cartage damage protection.


Though the product doesn’t have any of the major con, despite being slightly expensive, but with the functionality it gives, it is definitely worth buying. But still, every product comes with some drawbacks, in this case, they’re few.


Handle of the pump is quite small, it become difficult to change the position if it’s working. Not a firm handle that could you easily grip. But that’s okay.


The cord of the model is small, you need additional cord to dock in case your power supply is far. Not a major problem, because normally, the power supply is far away from the working location.

Overall review

The price point of the product is fair, giving the functionality. The specifications are best in the class, and Wayne has done a great job in making every department of the pump a good one, be it body, design or performance, the consumer reviews are favoring the buying intent. So if you want to for a sump pump that not only does the job but does it efficiently and effortlessly, then go for this. Customer service of Wayne is pretty good, and if you have anything happened to the pump, you can easily call them about it. The Wayne CDU980E is a good pump, and there is no doubt about it. the design makes it unique and heavy body keeps the durability alive. Installation is easy, and you can just start it off as soon as you receive it. Wayne has done a great job in making this sump pump, so go for it before it goes out of stock.

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