Review: Wayne ESP25 sump pump

Wayne ESP25Battery backup sump pumps are used to regulate the water flows in the basements while the primary sump pump is out of service. Sump pumps help you to keep your basement from any damages due to building up of water, preventing expensive damages that may occur due to the built-up water. Even sump pumps also help you to keep your basement dry by keep your basement from flooding and ensure healthy usage of your basement for any kind of household uses. Battery powered back up pumps come in all sizes, power levels, and performance ratings to fit your requirement level. These back up sump pumps are especially useful in case of power outage, excessive rain or when your primary sump pump fails. It can also be used as your primary sump pump depending on your requirement. Here in this article, we will be reviewing Wayne ESP25 12 volt battery backup sump pump system with audible alarm, one of the best battery backup sump pumps available in the market today.

Some of the unique features and specifications of the Wayne ESP25 battery powered back up sump pump is listed below –

  • This very battery powered back up sump pump is assembled in the USA using top-notch foreign and domestic parts and is made of corrosion resistant thermoplastic construction.
  • The pump is quite compact with the dimension of 7.2 * 5 * 10 inches and weighs just 12.9 pounds.
  • The Wayne ESP25 sump pump comes with 1 horsepower.
  • Wayne ESP25 sump pump has a capacity of 2300 gallons per hours at 10 feet lift, with a maximum capacity of 3300 gallons per hour.
  • The alarm fitted in this system alerts you to notify when the backup system is active.
  • This battery powered sump pump is fitted with advanced smart charging system to ensure better and fast charging. There is also an LED fitted in this system to notify you about the charging status and other important notifications.
  • This sump pump system is fitted with a float switch to make the operation of this device completely automated.
  • The installation of this backup sump pump is quite easy over the primary sump pump and can be installed by yourself, helping you avoid the cost of the plumber.
  • The pump also comes with 1 year limited warranty provided against manufacturing defects.

As we have gone through the unique features and specifications of this battery powered sump pump, now we will describe the operation of this pump in brief and find what makes it class apart from all the other battery powered back up sump pumps in its class.

The Wayne ESP25 sump pump, with 1 horsepower is ideal for use in medium sized basements. So, if you are looking for a backup sump pump for your small or medium sized basement, Wayne ESP25 will fulfill your requirement with ease. You will able to get a completely dry basement using this pump. And the ability to lift 2300 gallons of water per hour up to 10 feet is really a commendable performance for a sump pump, especially with such a small size. Moreover, the installation of this compact sized and lightweight back up sump pump system is very easy and can be done by you quite easily.

However, if you are an absolute beginner, then you might the help of a professional to install this sump pump system. The smart charging system mentioned above helps you charge the pump quickly and the power saver battery fitted inside this sump pump has the reputation to run longer than all the other battery powered sump pumps in its class. The thermoplastic body makes this pump corrosion proof, making it workable in any kind of condition. And the high grade sealed body of the pumps makes it immune to damages when immersed in water ensuring a longer life. The pump doesn’t make any noise while active and does its job in complete silence. Even when the pump is operated at its full power, it doesn’t shake or make any shattering noise, unlike others due to the rigid and high quality structure of this sump pump. So, this pump is highly recommended if you are looking for a battery powered back up sump pump for your small or medium sized basement.

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