Wayne WSM3300 Battery Backup Sump Pump Review

Wayne WSM3300 Battery Back-Up Pump System

What is WSM330 Sump Pump?

If you are looking for an ideal battery backup sump pump then here is the best bang for your buck – WSM3300 Sump Pump – affordable, efficient, powerful, and fast! With WSM3300, you don’t have to put yourself in the rut of worries of water capacity when your water pump doesn’t work well as it promises to pump about 3000 gallons per hour. It helps to protect your basement and remove water in just time of seconds. In most cases, when a person shifts to new home, it appears difficult to manage everything they actually don’t know about all home improvement tools hence the need is now understood by experts. Wayne have collected foreign domestic parts, embedded the newest technology, and build the sump pump in the US. It has the microprocessor fixed in it that manually checks and adjusts battery status and power. So, if you are experiencing any water related problem for long, it’s time to solve that up! A versatile sump pump is right on the way! Experts have just made it amazing with astounding features list that no other sump pump offers yet!

Features of WAYNE WSM3300

On the market, WAYNE is the famous and the leading company that always tends to bring something new with every release. WSM3300 Sump Pump has the following features:

  • WAYNE WSM3300 is 9.7” wide, 14.9” in height, and adjusts less than 9.3” of depth.
  • WAYNE WSM3300 offers you a powerful Battery Backup Sump Pump system
  • The Sump Pump offers you an advanced notification system with alarm.
  • Its LCD Display makes easier to see the battery status.
  • It has DC battery backup system that checks its progress each after 14 days.
  • Optimal Backup supplied to it by 12volt battery that isn’t included.
  • It’s enough efficient to provide you basement protection for up to 92 hours.
  • The working temperature of WSM3300 ranges from 33-120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Smart charging system has been embedded in it which is extremely advanced than other sump pumps’ systems. This newest technology breaks the surface charges to keep the progress up.
  • It offers you the maximum pumping height 20 feet.
  • Smartphones can also be connected to the sump pump so that it could send all the voice messages alerts on spot.
  • It has a powerful backup system that helps to regulate flow of water on the basement.
  • It is invented with the technology that helps it to reduce dampness on the surface which is an obvious cause of growing molds and other microbes there.
  • It is 13 pounds in weight, the progress can be decreased with the height; 3300 gallons per hour to zero feet, 1500 gallons per hour to 15 feet while 350 gallons per hour to 20 feet.
  • It has 2 years warranty to offer.

Why one should Purchase WSM3300 Sump Pump?

If you want to deal with quality sump pump then you should opt with WSM3300. WAYNE is the leading brand that receives accolades worldwide. As we have already gone through the features it offers, it is best and affordable for your choice.  We’ve seen number of people find it problematic to remove ground water especially when their primary pump doesn’t function well. This can be devastating when you find no way out to soak up the water; this could promote the birth of different microbes who love to grow on damp places most favorable – Fungi. But don’t worry when you have WSM3300. It wouldn’t be wrong saying it unique in the long list of sump pumps. It stands alone holding advancement in it. So, stop worrying and purchase WAYNE WSM3300 now! Let you feel the difference.

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What are the Installation Tips for WSM3300 Sump Pump?

  • WSM3300 is DC powered and a backup sump pump, hence to let it process, you have to attach a 12 volt battery. When you do this, it will likewise inform you if there’ll be any issues with the battery in future as well.
  • Manufacturers say to attach the battery functions on 75 or 40 amp battery neither smaller not larger.
  • When it is installed, run a garden hose to the basin that estimates a power loss. When it starts working properly it would cut out the AC power and will notify you.
  • You can connect your WSM3300 with your phones to see all the alerts it sends you.
Wayne WSM3300 Battery Back-Up Pump System

Pros and Cons of WSM3300

A coin has opposite side too. Since the device has number of benefits to harvest, it also has wrong side to highlight.


It has successfully listed itself in the most advanced sump pumps of today’ age. Unlike other, it helps you to discharge 3300 gallons per hour, it has an advanced backup system, and can send you alert at the same time to the range of numbers.


A sensitive device right? Its systems might put in confusion, it might be problematic to install it, and it doesn’t come with battery but you need to have one. Although, it has a program to see its functions itself still you need to see it each after month for cleanliness. It can discharge 3300 gallons at only 0 feet while fraction is decrease when the height is increased, it can decreased up to 400 gallons at 20 feet.


With the passage of time, we are progressing and WAYNE understands the need. WSM3300 is certainly one of the best sump pump options which is likewise affordable and efficient, it helps you discharge the water to the great extent. Unlike other sump pumps it begs for little maintenance. So, it’s probably a time to get rid of your old sump pump that works less and rests more. Switch yourself on WSM300 now!  

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