Review of Wayne WSSM40V combination primary and back up sump pump system

Wayne WSSM40V Primary and Backup Sump Pump System

Places where basement flooding is a regular problem require a sump pump the most. It is used to remove accumulated water from the sump basin in the basement. This water is thrown out of the house at a distant place where water logging is not a major issue. Water is mainly discharged in the sanitary sewers by the sump pump. There are many sump pumps that come with a battery back up system. The cost of electricity can be eliminated by buying a sump pump with a back up system. This type of sump pump is most useful during severe storms when the main power is off for a long time. Pedestal and submersible are two kinds of sump pumps available in the market. Out of innumerable sump pumps, the WAYNE WSSM40V ½ HP Combination Primary and Backup Sump Pump System is one of the favorites of users.


Wayne pre-assembled sump pump and back up system can easily and quickly be installed by the users. Two heavy duty check valves, a charger, a battery box, reliable reed float switch, battery back up pump, corrosion resistant, high flow, automatic operation pump, top suction, cast iron and durable primary pump are included in the system. One 40 amp hour or 75 amp hour deep cycle battery is required by professional grade back up system.

Some of the amazing features of WAYNE WSSM40V ½ HP Combination Primary and Backup Sump Pump System are described as follows –

  • It is a 120 volt primary pump.
  • Up to 4200 gallons per hour at 0’ can be pumped by ½ HP.
  • 1 million cycles are tested by it.
  • Clogging is minimized and debris is filtered by the top suction design of the primary pump.
  • The activation of back up system is known by the homeowners with the help of alarm system and status indicator lights of this sump pump.
  • This WAYNE sump pump is designed in such a way that it can be installed in 15 inches diameter or larger sump basins.
  • Upto 3300 gallons per hour at 0’ is pumped by 12 volt back up pump.
  • The part number and item model number of this sump pump is WSSM40V.
  • 5×17×15 inches are the dimensions of this WAYNE sump pump.
  • This sump pump has a weight of 39.9 pounds.
  • The style of WAYNE WSSM40V ½ HP sump pump is Sump Minder + Pump.
  • The horsepower of this sump pump is 0.5 HP.
  • The item package quantity of this product is 1.
  • This product is certified as frustration free sump pump.
  • No battery is required for the functioning of this sump pump.
  • This WAYNE sump pump comes with an amazing warranty of 5 long years.
  • This product has got 4.4 stars out of 5 stars as customer reviews.
  • It ranks 167681 in the best seller’s list.
  • People only within the US can get the shipment of this WAYNE sump pump.
  • The manufacturer regarding support issues and warranty must be checked with by you for any APO/FPO shipment of this WAYNE sump pump.
  • Only some selected countries outside the US can avail this international shipment.
  • 5 amps is the battery charge rate of this sump pump.
  • A spec of input and output is shown by the big, wall wart transformer battery charger of the WAYNE WSSM40V sump pump.
  • Up to 39.93 watts an hour is put by the charger of this sump pump.
  • Pumping out all the water from the basement is ensured by this automatic sump pump.
  • The pump is turned on automatically to test pump and float in an interval of every 14 days.
  • The battery box has the inside dimensions of 7.75 width, 14 length and 8.75 depth.
  • The auto call dialer is the most amazing feature of this sump pump that is loved by most of the users.
  • Cleaning silt from the bottom of the sump pump is very easy for all the users.
  • The loss of AC power can easily be detected by the unit.
  • The gases are recycled by the Wayne sealed lead acid battery.
  • The Wayne WSSM40V ½ HP Sump Pump comes at an affordable price.

Thus, go through the above mentioned features of the Wayne WSSM40V ½ HP Combination Primary and Backup Sump Pump System before buying this product.

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