Ways of installing a sump pump

installing a sump pump

If your basement floods with rain or snow water during monsoon or winter season then you surely need to buy a sump pump as soon as possible. Sump pump can be installed easily on your own. Professional plumbers need not to be hired for the installation of your sump pump. There are various kinds of sump pumps available in the market and different sets of installation instructions are contained by different types of sump pumps. Install a new sump pump by yourself only by keeping those tips of installation in your mind.

You can effectively keep logged water out of your basement by installing a sump pump in the sump pit. A sump pit or basin should be situated at the lowest part in the floor of your basement in order to install a sump pump. You can buy sump pits from home centers. Often fiber glass or plastic is used to make a sump pit. The sump pit is filled only when the level of water rises underneath the basement floor. Then the pump is activated to discharge the accumulated water out of your house. The pump switches off automatically once it finishes the work of water discharge.

If occasional water floods are experienced by you, then installing a sump pump is the only way to get rid of it. You can install a sump pump easily and you do not have to spend a huge amount of money to buy it, as sump pumps are very affordable. But it should be remembered that the source of your water problem will not be addressed by installing a sump pump. You should buy a renowned brand of sump pump with good reviews.

Types of sump pumps

Submersible and pedestal are the two types of sump pumps which are usually used for residential purposes. Submersible sump pumps are installed completely within the sump pit, whereas the pedestal sump pumps are partially installed in the pit.

Submersible sump pumps are a bit costly than the pedestal ones. You can also maintain and repair pedestal sump pumps much more easily than the submersible models. But submersible sump pumps are best for residential use, as it does not produce any noise and works quietly unlike the pedestal models.

Long cords are usually contained by sump pumps. It is because you can plug it into a GFCI protected receptacle. You should avoid using an extension cord with the submersible sump pump.

Dig a sump pit

A jackhammer will be needed by you to break the concrete floor. Tool rental stores generally sell jackhammers. You can use it easily by plugging it into electric outlets. A circle of 4”-6” should be drawn outside the basin for breaking through the slab. A hole should be dug to the needed depth. Set the sump pit into this hole.

Install a sump pump

Follow the guide to install sump pump in the pit. PVC discharge piping should be attached after connecting the check valve. The basin should be filled with water before testing the pump.

Thus, follow these steps to install a sump pump successfully by yourself.