Zoeller Aquanot 508-0005 Battery Backup Sump Pump System Review

Zoeller Aquanot 508-0005

Whether you are a landlord or homeowner, and you need to have a sump pump system you need Zoeller 508-00054 Acquanot 508 with a battery backup system. It is a good sump pump and especially if you have an AC already installed. Its, therefore, essential to have this system unit

Product Information:

Zoeller 508-0005 is a submersible sump pump that is pre-assembled with battery for backup. This pump back is powered by a 12 volt DC motor. Besides, it can pump 2,340 gallons per hour as the maximum water flow rate. The pump also comes with 12 months variable warrant since installation, 18 months since its manufactured date or 36 months when you purchase it with Zoeller Aquanot AGM battery that you will use as its backup pump.

Product Features and Specifications:

LCD Screen

  • It displays the battery voltage and other essential information about the whole system

Control box

  • It includes overcharge and battery burn-out protection. Besides, it has warning systems, light indicators, automatic controllers with alarms and battery recharge system.


  • Reliable and low voltage vertically floating switch


  • Integrated check valve
  • Quick disconnect discharge
  • Hand built and tests 100 percent
  • Efficient model for more water pumping during emergencies
  • Cooling plate and aluminum seal pocket
  • Legs that allow free-standing installation
  • High efficient 12 V, non-corrosive pump and supplied with 1.8 m leads
  • 3 -year warranty

LED light indicators

  • High water – when the float is activated, yellow light blinks and after 3 seconds it becomes solid
  • Low battery – below 10.8 volts red light flashes and fast blink when it’s below 8.4 volts
  • Charging – when power is going to the battery, it indicates yellow
  • Charged – green
  • AC Power – when power is out it blinks red
  • Alarm off – it shows a yellow light when the buzzer silences


  • Low battery
  • Reverse polarity
  • High water


  • Alarm reset – press when resetting alarms. You press and hold it for 3 seconds, and it silences the buzzer for 24 hours
  • Scroll – it displays the system’s information like power outages and DC pump cycles

Battery Casing

  • Its a make from a non-corrodible polyethylene
  • It uses multiple batteries although the battery
  • A case that can accommodate a maximum battery dimension

Fittings includes:

  • Adaptor
  • AC pump check valve
  • Integrated check valve for DC pump discharge

Product Description:

Zoeller 508-0005 is not like others products. You can connect it into a home security alarm or even auto-dial that will allow you to receive emails, notifications or texts of its alarm activation. For example, the high water alarm, the low battery alarm or the AC power alarm. When you connect these actions to a phone line, it doesn’t take the actions simply and therefore not independently smart. But, the best thing is that it will provide you with stellar reliability level.

Besides, Zoeller 508-005 is compatible with other primary sump pumps. In that essence, for a backup pump, it doesn’t need to know that the primary pump exists and therefore it will benefit when the primary pump is available, and it will not need to run when there is water inside the sump pit. You will need to install float switch for your main pump lower than where you install the backup pump, and the backup pump will only activate in case the main pump is having a problem, and it will keep the water flowing.

Tips of Installing Zoeller 508 -0005 Back-Up Sump Pump:

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are all you need is simple knowledge. First, start by installing the battery inside its battery casing. Then you can plug the whole unit, and you will keep the battery at full charge. When you want to use the auto dial features, you have to take the advantage by connecting on the battery, and you will have your dedicated alarm system.

When installed correctly, you can have ten years of service. From the plumbers and homeowners with successful installation, they are lucky to receive that period. When you complete installing, check the indicator lights and ensure everything is in excellent condition. After you connect the AC power, check whether AC light is green in color and when it blinks red, know that it has lost power.

In case your float activates, you will see a yellow blink due to high water, and you will see the light when its stable after activating for 3 seconds. The more upper water alarm also activates along with a yellow light. You should note that when you plan to reset a warning alarm, it resets all the other alarms. In case you press and then hold for 3 seconds, you will have silenced all alarms in 24 hours, and it should be handy if you have a high water situation although you need to have confidence that your pump is capable of handling the case.


  1. Safety Purpose

This battery backup system offers you all the safety you need. You can even sleep comfortably and not worry if anything will happen to your primary pump. A disaster will strike when you are not ready, and you have no assurance that your sump pump is available for the job and especially when there is no electrical power. With Zoeller 508 -0005, you can rest, and the battery backup takes the assignment over for the primary unit and give a precisive performance.

  1. Easy to Use

Another factor why you need Zoeller 508 -005 is that this model comes when it is pre-assembled. It means that you don’t need to bother making connections between your primary pump and your battery back. The Zoeller 508 -0005 make comes with everything done. This reason makes it easy to install the model without paying experts for the services.

  1. Reliability

It is a significant advantage to its LCD screen mounted in this model. You are then able to keep the tabs on how things are going and operating on the sump pump. Besides, you will have an idea of whether you need to replace your battery or any other malfunction that has taken place and you are not aware.

Besides, its battery case can comfortably accommodate a group of sizes 27, 29 and 31 and you will have the chance to buy the one comfortable to your budget.


  1. The unit is plastic mad and therefore not durable more than metal
  2. It doesn’t come with an adaptor that makes it impossible when installing the anti-siphon valve
  3. It is not possible to use without having a good battery. When you don’t have one good battery, the sump pump can’t start in case of electrical power outage.
  4. When you purchase an 11/4 inch Zoeller 508 -0005 Acquanot 508 Battery Back-up Sump Pump unit, it doesn’t come with its adaptor, and that makes it impossible while you are installing the anti-siphon valve


The negative review of its plastic design is a feature to ignore after considering that it has more favorable characteristics. It is the perfect combination with an AC sump pump and its also among the superior brands you can find in the market. Besides, it offers a substantial degree you can’t see with other pumps. When you buy the unit, be assured of waterproof and trouble free unit for many years. Make the unit’s reliability to be your topmost priority and purchase best backup sump pump unit.