Review of Zoeller 98-0001 1/2 Horse Power Model M98 Submersible Sump Pump

Zoeller 98-0001 Model M98

Are you planning to buy a sump pump for your home? Well! You have come to the right place. Here is a sump pump which is best suited in every situation. It is one of the top and leading sump pumps in the market. It is Zoeller 98-0001 submersible sump/ effluent pump.

This model of Zoeller features cast iron motor and pump casing, a cast iron shift case, and also a cast iron base. All of the castings are of cast iron class 25-30, with a tensile strength of 25000N/M2. This M98 model also has an engineered plastic vortex impeller. Powder coated epoxy finish is provided to this sump pump to prevent corrosion. This sump pump has no sheet metal parts which will lead to rusting or corrosion.

In order to prevent clogging, screens are also not provided. The slip capacitor motor is long-lasting and is oil-filled and air tight sealed. It also features involuntary reset overload protection from thermal shocks. This pump also has a waterproof neoprene square ring placed in between the pump housing and the motor. The upper and lower bearings of the pump are made up of cast iron and oil-filled.

The maximum temperature for dewatering or effluent removal is about 130 Fahrenheit. After the assembly of the pump, the entire unit is pressure tested. The handle, pumps screws, arm guard, and seal assembly are made up of stainless steel. This sump pump has a 2 pole mechanical switch which is float operated and is also submersible. It also has a carbon and ceramic shaft seal. This sump pump weighs around 22 pounds and has a horse power of about 0.5. The height of this pump is about 12 inch.

The installation process of this pump is very easy. The best part about this pump is that it does not make much noise unlike other sump pumps. This is definitely reliable, durable and without a doubt high performance sump pump.

When you buy a sump pump make sure you look at the following features –

  • Replacement pipe and fittings:After selecting a sump pump, make sure to select the pipe and fitting that connects the pump to the discharge unit. Various types of sump pumps require various types of gears. The fitting must and should match the discharge opening of the pump.
  • Check valve:A check valve will have a flap on the discharge line which will keep the water in the pipe and prevent it from falling back into the pit when the pump is switched off. Always replace your check valve when you are buying a new sump pump just in case the minerals in the water have corroded your old valve flap.
  • Sump cover: It is important to add a watertight cover to your sump. An unprotected sump can lead to the collection of debris.
  • Sump pump alarm:These alarms are necessary to warn you an overflowing sump. Also look for the alarms which will let you know when the battery is low.
  • Power:The best way to provide power supply to a sump pump is with the help of a GFCI outlet which is directly linked to its own circuit breaker. Avoid the usage of extension cords which is connected to a distant outlet and is shared by other appliances. The possible drop in the voltage might shorten the life of the pump.

So go and get yourself the best sump pump and leave behind all the worries of water clogging. You can find this sump pump on Amazon and other online websites also.