Zoeller M267 Review – 1/2 Horsepower Waste-Mate Sewage Pump

Zoeller M267

Sump pumps are necessary piece of equipment if you have a basement or own a swimming pool. They are of a great use to drain out water from places where you wouldn’t want it. Sump pumps should be in every household, the only question becomes of what power and capacity. Well, different people have different needs, and so is every pump. Some small pumps are there of quarter of the horsepower and some half of the horsepower.

The half horsepower pumps are usually for the ones who need to drain out water more often, and a lot of it. one of the best seller in the half horsepower category is Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump. As the name suggests, it is more like a sewage pump, but does the work of sump pump equally good. Let just head straight towards the review of the pump.


It is one of the few heavy pumps that have phenomenally rigid body because it is made of cast iron, rather than hard thermoplastic. The cast iron increases the weight of the pump (It is about 46 pounds), and somewhat portability, but make it is superboy in the field of durability. This thing is so durable, that you can just place it anywhere for any number of months.
Zoeller M267
You can’t call the design exactly sleek, but it does the work, and serve its purpose. The stand on which the pump is attached is a great tool when it comes to the performance. The stand ensures that the pump is places well on the surface and pumping out water continuously.

You can easily place this pump in the rough conditions because of the body. Storing it is not a problem, because this thing is not going anywhere for years, and still be operational if you pick it up from the store a year later. The pump has a great body, and Zoeller must get credit for it.


The pump has got half of the horsepower motor for the business of pumping, and it is great power to have in case of a mid-size pool or basement. This thing drains out water at a speed of 7680 GPH at zero level. It is a great metric in practical work. It has discharge of 2’ NPT. The no-clog design of the impeller makes the pumping smooth and problem free.

The thermal cooling on this is commendable. With cast iron body, the heat dissipates thoroughly into the environment, and motor being thermally protected, the performance of the pump remains uncompromised even if it has been running for few hours. The cast iron body does a great work as a conductor of heat and keeps the pump cool.

The capacity of the pump can change in order to allow solids of 2”, also, the float switch present in the pump does a good work in keeping the water level. The stand is a great tool to make the water inlet from down and making a good way for the continuous flow.

The pump is ideal for mid-range swimming pools, sump pits, and basement. The best part about this pump is that you can expect it to perform well even the height is increased. The performance at 10 feet level is admirable, considering other pumps. The motor is very heavy duty, and with U’S made materials, the pump has really got an edge over other pumps. Performance wise, this thing is definitely a spot on


The pump on the outside looks dull, but that doesn’t deny you from the fact that it has got some pretty good features on the board.  First of all the stand is good and helps in providing the continuously working of the flow and pump, which is a great thing when you need to pump large amounts of water.

The internal parts are stainless steel, which means that they are far from being corroded. The body is already mentioned is of cast iron, so overall this pump almost becomes one of the most durable out there.

The overheating protection is done by oil filed hermetically sealed, motor, which is thermally protected. This motor is so good performance that you might not switch this pump for any pump, rather have two pieces for your household. This thing doesn’t compromise on the performance thermally. The sump pump has neoprene and ring gasket. The vertical switch comes with two options, the 4” and 12”. You can choose the float switch you want according to the need.

The pump has 10 feet long power cord, which is rigid, and won’t go off in considerable time. the pump has warranty period of 1 year. The cast iron body is epoxy coated, which means that you don/t have to worry about the corrosion. This pump might not be the sleekest, or even good looking, but this thing knows it’s job and does it very well.

The verdict

The pump has cast iron body, with stainless steel parts, the argument about the durability ends just here. Talking about the features, then it has got oil filled motor, float switch, a rigid power cord the does the job. Not only on paper, this thing works very good, practically and has becomes favorite umps of many on Amazon. The sound of the pump is not that much, because of the low vibrations, due to heavy body. The flow rate of the pump is decent and you can easily go to a 25 feet height, without seeing considerable drop in the performance.

The pump is meant for heavy user, and if you’re extra heavy user, you might need two. This half horse-powered pump is the best in the price range Zoeller has to offer and you should take this deal without even thinking much. The pump is truly a value for money, and every aspect of it shows that, whether it is body, performance or features. This thing is going to stay with you for long time, pumping water out of your basement, and a lot of people back that thought.

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